Nikki and Rob (Next Steps/General 1) RE: Rainbow Ribbons Championships 2019


"We would just like to say a huge thank you to all those involved and organised today’s ribbons competition.
The girls had their 1st experience of a gymnastics competition and this did not go as we expected. It went perfectly, the girls loved it and spent the rest of the day showing us their routine along with lots of other moves while scoring each other.
For our eldest, this was a huge thing for her to be a part of. She seemed nervous and didn’t like the microphone to start with but held it together and took part fully with a huge smile on her face. For her to do this was past our expectations, she has never completed a whole dance show in ballet. We are very proud of her.
Our youngest is quite a shy girl but today she didn’t portray this and just loved the event. I couldn’t believe how much her confidence has grown.
Thank you to the whole club for all your hard work and support. It is clubs like this that really do make a difference. Your understanding and support in helping her to achieve more than we could hope."
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