Club Rules


Here at Specturm Gymnastics Academy our first priority is to produce a safe and happy environment for our Gymnasts to train in.....


PLEASE NOTE: Due to covid-19 our rules have changed slighly (highlighted in red)


We only have a few rules here at Spectrum Gymnastics Academy


Gymnasts :


1. Always listen to your coach and act upon instructions given to you at all times

2. Come to training ready in gym kit (changing rooms closed)

Girls = club leotard, leggings/shorts with your hair securely tied back

Boys = club bodice and club shorts

3. No jewellery of any kind

4. You do not use any apparatus without permission from your coach first

5. Please be respectful / supportive and kind to others

6. Please visit the toilet before you come into class, use only your bubble toilet please 

7. No mobile phones / ipads are permitted in the gym

8. Have Fun !!


Parents :


1. Please ensure your child arrives 15 Minutes before the class starts, to have temperature check and be directed to your colour bubble coach. 

2. Please ensure you are not more than 10 minutes late for you session. Your child will not be able to participate due to missing the crucial warm up, therefore increasing the risk of injury. Doors will be closed after 10mins

3. Please make sure you arrive on time to collect your child. Please drop off and pick up from the car park and do NOT enter the building. We will not allow a child to leave without the parent/guardian present and bubble coaches will see your children out to you at the collection point (car park fence) 

4. Please make sure your children are in their proper kits and have their hair securely tied back.

5. Please make sure your child visits the toilet before each lesson. If they need to go they have a toilet allocated to their bubble colour which is cleaned between each use

6. Please keep us informed of any changes regarding your contact details etc

7. Please  provide your child with a labeled water bottle

8. No outdoor shoes or food are allowed in the gym

9. Socks should not be worn, for medical reasons 'only' non slip socks permitted

10. Parents are not allowed in the gym to view classes due to covid restrictions

11. Please do not approach any coaches while they are teaching in the gym. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us in advance

12. Please bring your bag for all your belongings to be stored in. We will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to any valuables. Your child will be allocated a personal spot to place belongings during the session (changing rooms closed)

13. For any further questions please do not hesitate to ask


For a copy of our Terms and Conditions click here .

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