Safe Guarding & Welfare




Our aim is to ensure all young people who participate in gymnastic have a safe, fun, positive experience in the sport and are able to fulfil their potential.


All our staff are British Gymnastics Members.


We are also qualified coaches, our Head Coach being Women's Artistic Level 3.

We all are DBS checked and are first aid trained.


Our Welfare officer is always present during every session to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all members of Spectrum Gymnastics Academy. Your welfare is of paramount importance to us.


At Spectrum Gymnastics Academy there is an annual membership fee which is payable each September.


We require you to fill in your Joining form/Medical form and bring to your first lesson, sent in your trial email. This will enable us to keep your child safe. 


Any accidents are always recorded in the accident book.


Any concerns about Welfare inside or outside the club, please report to Emma Young our Club Welfare Officer.


We adhere to the British Gymnastic Equality Policy.





We will endeavour to promote the highest standards of care for all of its members, coaches and officials. We will do this by :


Equipment is kept in good condition with regular checks by our senior coach.

Equipment is set up safely and checked regularly during sessions.

Providing the correct qualified coach with the correct pupil ratio.

Working to lesson plans / following badge schemes.

Risk assessments in place and up to date.

Club rules are in place and reinforced.

Ensuring that all our staff are suitably trained and that all staff are aware of Child Protection and Health, Safety and Welfare issues and have studied the relevant policies / practices.

The adoption of the British Gymnastic Health & Safety and Welfare Policy.

The appointment of a Health & Safety officer to review and update policies / practices as necessary.

Ensuring that a minimum of two responsible adults are present at all training sessions.

Ensuring that any skills that are taught are safely and progressively done. Children are only allowed to try moves they are ready and able to learn

To give opportunities for talented children to develop. 

Ensuring a qualified first aider and first aid kits are present at the club sessions.

Ensuring any accidents or incidents are reported and followed through the correct channels.


Gymnastics is a very physical sport. We take the upmost care and attention in trying to safeguard against any kind of injury.

Your child’s welfare is of the upmost importance to us. Even with these elements in place this risk can never be fully eliminated.

In which case we have an emergency action plan in place where first aid will be given immediately and if deemed necessary further medical help / action will be taken.


Photography - E-Safety


There will be no unauthorised photography and videoing during training and events.


Social Media Guidelines 


You will find Spectrum Gymnastic Academy on Facebook. Whilst there are many positive advantages of the use of these social networks, in the interest to adhering to our codes of conducts and to ensure the protection of our gymnasts we must treat the misuse of social media seriously. Anyone found misusing social media will be dealt with immediately in the appropriate manner. In order to prevent misuse please take note of the following guidelines :


Do be yourself, but remember everyone can see you.

Do share your experience and achievements but be responsible and honest.

Do not talk negatively about other competitors, coaches, clubs, countries or teams.

Do not forget who may be reading your profile, posts and comments.

Do not use derogatory or bad language.

Do not give out personal information; only make friends with people you know.

Do not link, view or add inappropriate content.

Remember pictures may be seen by everyone.

Think before you post, it is almost impossible to delete posts completely from the internet !

Finally report anything that concerns you.

For further information on social media guidelines, please see the British Gymnastic Website.

Included in your joining pack you will be given an advice leaflet reagrding E-Safety


During events at Spectrum Gymnastic Academy we may take photographs / videos. Some of these images may be used for promotion and marketing purposes. 

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