Terms and Conditions 

Spectrum Gymnastics Academy 

Terms and Conditions


1 Payments


1.1 Our classes become full very quickly and so then does our waiting list, so paying your fees on time is very important.


1.2 All invoices will be sent out during the second half of each term.


1.3 All fees are to be paid one week before the term starts with all the relevant paper work completed and returned.


1.4 Any late fees will be subject to a £10 surcharge that will be billed to you.


1.5 Current members have priority for class spaces before any remaining spaces are released to the general public so it is most Important invoices are paid on time.


1.6 Half a terms notice ito leave in writing is required for all invoiced classes. 


1.7 In cases where the club is closed due to Government Lockdown for Coronavirus, classes will continue online via Zoom. Unfortunately no classes wil be refunded, but if you cannot participate in our Zoom sessions, you will be credited in your next terms bill. 


1.8 The details of payments are below -  

The preferred method is via bank transfer 




Spectrum Gymnastics Academy 

Account Number : 42094275

Sort Code : 52-41-12


1.8 If you wish to pay by cash, this can be handed in at the first lesson of each term. You must please advise us this is happening the week before the term starts.


1.9 Please note that there will be No refunds on your cancellation or non-attendance of the class. 


1.10 Please note as we are operating out of a school, situations may arise outside of our control whereby we have to cancel classes. We will endeavour to try and give you as much notice as possible and fees will be debited from the fees for the following term.


1.11 Please be aware any classes cancelled due to adverse weather conditions will not be refunded.




2. Annual Membership, Safety, 


2.1 At Spectrum Gymnastics Academy there is an annual membership fee which is payable each September. £20.00 This covers affiliation to British Gymnastics, Kent and South East for the coming year. 


2.2 Please keep all contact details up to date and let us know of anyone other than yourselves if they are collecting your child from Gym.


2.3 Any accidents are always recorded in the accident book and a coach will see you at the end of the lesson


2.4 All our staff are DBS Checked as well as first Aid trained. 


2.5 Any concerns about Welfare inside or outside the club, please report to Emma Young our Club Welfare Officer. welfare@spectrumgymnastics.co.uk


2.6 We adhere to the British Gymnastic Equality Policy please find a copy of Pathway for reporting serious complaints/concerns in this welcome pack.





2. Safety & Welfare


2.7 We will endeavour to promote the highest standards of care for all of its members, coaches and officials. We will do this by :


  1. Equipment kept in good condition with regular checks by our senior coach
  2. Equipment set up safely and checked regularly during sessions
  3. Providing the correct qualified coach with the correct pupil ratio of 8:1
  4. Working to lesson plans / following badge schemes
  5. Risk assessments in place and up to date
  6. Club rules are in place and reinforced
  7. Ensuring that all of our staff are suitably trained and that all staff are aware of Child Protection and Health, Safety and Welfare issues and have studied the relevant policies / practices
  8. The adoption of the British Gymnastic Health & Safety and Welfare Policy
  9. The appointment of a Health & Safety officer to review and update policies / practices as necessary
  10. Ensuring that a minimum of two responsible adults are present at all training sessions 
  11. Ensuring that any skills that are taught are safely and progressively done. Children are only allowed to try moves they are ready and able to learn
  12. To give opportunities for talented children to develop in our squads and teams which are by invitation only
  13. Our aims are to progress our gymnasts to work towards appropriate level competitions. We will inform you of these on our Annual Club Calendar and by letter for squads
  14. Ensuring a qualified first aider and first aid kits are present at the club sessions
  15. Ensuring any accidents or incidents are reported and followed through the correct channels


3. Photography


3.1 There will be no unauthorised photography and videoing during training and events.


Social Media Guidelines 


You will find Spectrum Gymnastic Academy on Facebook and Instagram. Whilst there are many positive advantages of the use of these social networks, in the interest to adhering to our codes of conducts and to ensure the protection of our gymnasts we must treat the misuse of social media seriously. Anyone found misusing social media will be dealt with immediately in the appropriate manner. In order to prevent misuse please take note of the following guidelines :


  1. Do be yourself, but remember everyone can see you
  2. Do share your experience and achievements but be responsible and honest
  3. Do not talk negatively about other competitors, coaches, clubs, countries or teams
  4. Do not forget who may be reading your profile, posts and comments
  5. Do not use derogatory or bad language
  6. Do not give out personal information; only make friends with people you know
  7. Do not link, view or add inappropriate content
  8. Remember pictures may be seen by everyone
  9. Think before you post, it is almost impossible to delete posts completely from the internet!
  10. Finally report anything that concerns you

For further information on social media guidelines, please see the British Gymnastic Website.

No names will be published without prior consent 


During events at Spectrum Gymnastic Academy we may take photographs / Videos. Some of these images may be used for Promotion and Marketing purposes. 



4. Uniform


After your first initial trial we would like all gymnasts in be in a Spectrum Gymnastic Academy leotard/bodice & shorts. This is included in your jinitial oining fee. We feel this is very important to us not only for the safety of the gymnast but we are proud of our club and want our girls / boys to be to. These leotards will be worn to competitions following entrance rules and guidelines for recreational levels. Squad leotards will be availbel to hire via the club. .


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