At SGA we have a small Squad of Gymnasts that are Women's Artistic. To find out what WA is all about click on the link below: 



The SGA W.A Squads comprise of the following:


Baby Development - These are young Gymnasts aged 3-6yrs that have been tested and selected for their natural strength, flexibility, endurance and drive. They train for a maximum of 3hrs a week and some will enter the NEON competition in the 'Artistic Prep Level' which focusses on the NDP skills needed for Grades at aged 8yrs+


Junior Development - These are Gymnasts aged 7-8yrs that show potential to progress through the NDP (National Development Plan/Grades) either 'IN' age or "out' of age and train for a maximum of 9hrs a week.


Club Squad - These are Gymnasts that train up to 17hrs a week aged 9-13yrs. They are enetered for Grades each year according to age/ability and represent Spectrum Gymnastics Academy in regional & national competitions. 


Click the link below to find out more about NDP Grades:


Squad Training Essentials 

Being in the Artistic Squads at SGA requires alot of dedication. Training hours can be long and even though we split sessions down into apparatus blocks the gymnasts do need regular breaks. 


WATER is essential for every training session. Please bring a named, large 1ltr bottle or several bottles to lessons to keep hydrated! 


NUTRITION is most important before, during and after training to keep energy levels up. We recommend a healthy meal including protein & carbohydrates before training, no sooner than an hour before and an energy filled snack for break times/lunches. Eg: Fruit & Oat bar (please no nuts as a gymnast has serious allergies) Banana, Tuna Sandwhich etc...


KIT BAG £38: We have SGA kit bags which are personalised £38.00 (See Emma to order) We also have Peronalsied Chalk Bags £9 which each WA Gymnast should have with the following essentials:


CHALK BLOCK £2: - Can be purchased from Emma or bought online and put in a small, named plastic container 


HANDGUARDS - BARS - We have a large range of palm guards & handguards for sale in Club (Please see your Coach for the correct order)


Which hand guards are right for my gymnast....?


PALM GUARDS £20 - These just cover the palms and help gymnasts to learn basic moves on bars without blistering. Wrist-bands will also need to be worn with these. Who for....? Baby Development Squads aged 4-8yrs


HAND GUARDS £42 - These are more advanced guards that have a special 'rod' at the base of the fingers to grip the bars. They will need to be specifically measured (info on websites) Who for.....? WA Squads aged 9yrs training 8hrs a week+


LOOP & GLOVE SET £18- This is for gymnasts in Club Squad training at Lingfield Academy. These are essential for metal bar work and stop gymnasts from blistering on the palms and wrists learning more complex skills such as giant swings. 


Which size....? 


Your coach will tell you what size 'loop' you will need as this varied from gymnast to gymnast and are measured up in lesson. Loops only last up to 1 year and will need replacing regularly. Long gloves are sold in Club. Gymnasts will not be able to share loops and gloves as they mould to a personal fit. 




SGA Squads are required to wear our BLACK & GOLD training leotard short sleeved £30 Long sleeved £34 on Saturday's and Tuesdays. The Club 2 piece can be worn for any other additional training sessions. Club Squad gymnasts training 17hrs a week can wear their own leotards to training on Monday's and Wednesday's. 


Club shorts £15-18/ankle length leggings £22-25 maybe worn to training in colder months but are not permitted in competition or leading up to competition in training. No tshirts/hoodies for safety purposes. We have long sleeved Club Leotard for Winter months. 


Hair must be suitably tied back, for training and competition hair for 4-9yrs is 2 'bear buns' on top of the head (with no scrunchies) 10yrs + high bun (with scrunchie/bow) 


Club Tracksuit are compulsory for Grades Gymnasts along with competition leotard at a hire cost of £10.00 per event (RRP £80.00) Please DO NOT wash the leotards, hand back to Emma or Sarah after so that we can professionally wash them to keep the sequins and colours fresh :-) 


Any questions reagrding SGA Squads please email Head Coach Sarah HERE


Many thanks 

SGA Team




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